Bicycles should fit the rider. We do not sell you a bicycle simply because we have it in stock. If it is not the correct size, we will not sell it to you.If we do not have one in stock, will order the correct size to make sure that you are riding the appropriate bicycle. Recreational bikes should have a Quick fit (which is included in the purchase of a bicycle). We also offer fitting services for serious riders, or those interested in a more precise fit. The Standard fit is best for someone looking to maximize their comfort and efficiency.

For riders seeking the best bicycle fitting, our Pro fit is recommended. We are certified by F.I.S.T., the Serotta International Cycling Institute, and BikeFit. We have a Purely Custom Fit Bike Pro in our private fit studio, allowing us to calculate the exact stack and reach measurements for the rider. Using this data, we can determines the correct frame size, stem length, etc. for any model of bicycle. If you are purchasing a new bicycle, this information allows us to determine which specific frames are suited best for the individual’s position. We also take into consideration riding preferences, individual biomechanics, etc., when performing a fit. Fitting is part science and part art, and we use common sense in conjunction with the calculated results. Additionally, we use the full Ergo Fit System developed by 8-time US National Champion Paul Swift for proper pedal and cleat adjustment


“After 20 years of road bike riding, I finally had my first real bike fitting. I always believed no pain- no gain. I also assumed a 60 plus year old would just have post ride aches and pains. I recently bought a new bike and thought it was a good time for a fitting. I was referred to Joel at The Bike Doctor and am very glad ! The fitting was very comprehensive , but efficient. Joel listened and explained “the whats and the whys” of what he recommended. We agreed on many changes to optimize the bike for me. I am amazed at the difference! I now have none of the pain and feel noticeably stronger! No issues during the rides or post ride. On my first ride post fitting I had a feeling of flying effortlessly down the trail. I highly recommend a visit to The Bike Doctor. Your body will thank you!” Joanne M. – Very Satisfied Customer

“If you want a great bike fit, there is (in my opinion) only one place to go for it – The Bicycle Doctor. Joel is thorough and does not cut corners in getting you the best fit possible for your riding style and purpose. He is absolutely relentless in his pursuit of excellence. I have had other bike fits, where it appeared the fitter wanted to do an ‘okay’ job, but was anxious to move on to the next customer. Don’t expect that from Joel, he will spend all the time necessary to ensure you (and he) are completely satisfied. After your fit, he will encourage your feedback from your rides to tweak your fit. Get this bike fit – you will NOT be sorry.” – Woody W.

“My bike fitting was done by Joel at the Bicycle Dr. As always, Joel was very knowledgeable and patient as he walked me through all steps of the fitting. Not only did he dial in my fit on the bike, but he also explained why and how each adjustment would make me more comfortable on the bike which would lead me to ride more and longer. The fit also included adjustment to my bike cleats, which also made a huge difference in my pedaling strokes and cadence. I’ve been on a couple of rides since my fitting and there has been a vast improvement in my ride comfort. I no longer have the shoulder, neck and back pains on long rides and enjoy being on my bike way more than I used to!” – Africanus S.

“To maximize your comfort and performance on any bike, you MUST be properly fitted to your bike. Every single rider has unique factors affecting the fun and value of riding. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply riding for recreational enjoyment or grinding for thousands of miles a year. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a $500 bike or one costing many thousands of dollars. Everything comes down to one thing: does your bike selection and set up fit your unique requirements and objectives? For an absolutely honest, capable and spot on accurate fit that’s fairly valued, you can do no better than letting Joel at The Bicycle Doctor deliver such a fit that’s perfect just for you.” – Roy C.

“I started riding much later in life and got my first road bike in 2017. I have been trying to find the most comfortable and most efficient fit for my over 40 year old body for many years now. I have gotten professional fits from three highly recommended bike fitters. It wasn’t until I did my fitting with Joel at Bicycle Doctor that I felt like it was being done the right way. He completely overhauled the previous fitting and now I no longer have the knee issues I had previously. Thanks Joel!” – Sia V.

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