We love working on cool projects and also experimenting with new gadgets. One of our employees bought a new gravel bike recently and wasn’t too happy with the gear range offered by the stock SRAM 1x setup. This is where Ratio Technology came to the rescue with their 1×13 conversion kit for SRAM. It involves a little bit of surgery by opening up the shifters to replace the stock ratchet, in addition to a new cassette, chain, chainring and pulley wheels. But in the end, with the 38-tooth chainring and 9-42 cassette, the bike has pretty much the same high gear as 46×11 and low gear as 32×36, with 1-tooth jumps in the smallest six cogs. And everything works great!

Stop by if you want to upgrade your SRAM 1x setup to 1×13 and we would love to help you out!