Tubular Gluing

tubularsTubular tire gluing is one of the most important services a professional bike shop can offer. Tubular tires, also known as “sew-ups,” have been around almost as long as the bicycle itself. They are actually glued to the rim as a whole unit — the tube is encased inside of the tire. A common misconception is that tubular tires are always messy due to the glue. Although several layers of glue must be applied to the rim, the tire can be extremely secure with no mess if installed correctly.

As bicycles become lighter, enthusiasts and racers are constantly looking for places to shave weight. Although clincher tires have become much better and lighter over the years, tubular tires have made a resurgence in popularity. Many amateur triathlon and road racers have a spare set of carbon wheels with tubular tires. However, most shop mechanics do not have the proper training to install tubular tires. An improperly glued tire can roll off the rim, potentially causing injury to the rider and/or damage to the bicycle.  Extreme care must be taken when applying tubular tires.

We have dozens of years of experience installing tubular tires. Do no settle for less!

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