Shop FAQs

“Your shop isn’t in a normal retail space. How do customers find you?”

Well, we must be doing something right, since you found out about us! The way we have built the shop might seem a little old-fashioned — we simply try to be the best. We have built one of the best reputations in Atlanta, and that has been the best form of advertising we could have ever asked for! We have customers from all over the state, and we know a large majority on a first name basis. We do what we say we will do, on time, and we treat customers the way we would want to be treated. It is really that simple.


“Why would someone with a master’s degree in electrical engineering open a bike shop?”

It wasn’t always the plan. I had put myself through college working first in local bike shops, then running a small repair business on the side. While working in the corporate world, I kept the business going on the side to maintain my accounts and to help my friends and coworkers with their bikes. After a layoff in 2007, I decided to give opening a shop a real try. I felt my experience in the industry combined with my professional background would allow me to open a truly unique shop. I have much of the knowledge missing in many of today’s shops, but I also understand deadlines and not making excuses for mistakes. I am very proud of what we have accomplished!


“What is your turnaround time for repairs?”

We understand that you want your bicycle back quickly when you bring it to us. Many local shops often take 2-3 weeks to repair your bicycle during the summer months — even for the simplest repairs! Except for extreme cases, we offer 2-3 DAY turnaround for repairs all year, even during the summer months. Most importantly, due to our focus on quality, you can be assured that your bike will be in perfect working order when you pick it up.


“Do you sell used bicycles?”

We mainly sell new bicycles from the brands we carry. However, we do occasionally receive bicycles as trade-ins when a customer is upgrading to new bicycle. Feel free to contact us at any time to see what we have in stock for used bicycles.


“I can find parts cheap online. Why should I buy from your store?”

We are happy to match any reasonable price from a legitimate, authorized online retailer. Most manufacturers will not honor their warranty if the product is purchased from an unauthorized seller. In the event that you do have a defective item, we will be able to take care of the repair or replacement in a timely manner,

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