Complete Overhaul


overhaulA complete overhaul tears the bicycle down to the frame. The hubs, headset, and bottom bracket are repacked with grease. Think of it as an oil change for your bearings. The bike is brought back to like-new condition. A complete overhaul is obviously a great idea for a bike which has high mileage. However, a bike which has been in the basement for several years is also a great candidate for a complete overhaul. The grease in the bearings congeals and becomes hard when a bicycle is not used. More expensive repairs can be required if the ball bearings are not repacked with fresh grease on a regular basis.

  • Repack hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
  • Drivetrain cleaning
  • Complete check-over of all moving parts
  • Adjust shifters/brakes (includes labor for cable installation)
  • Wheels trued in truing stand
  • Hubs adjusted
  • Bottom bracket and headset adjusted
  • Chain, cables, and pivot points lubricated.
  • Tires aired
  • Bike wash
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