Why Buy Locally?


Bike shops are an endangered species. As with almost any product, bikes and bike parts can be purchased on the Internet – often at incredible discounts. People often think that shops won’t compete with these prices. We are more than happy to match legitimate prices. Shops often say, “We can have it for you in a few days.” Why would a customer wait when they can have it delivered to their home in two days with the click of a button online? Bike shops need to realize this. We keep a huge supply of parts on hand for this exact reason. In the event we don’t have the item you need, we order daily so we will have it in a day or two for you. Why should you buy locally?

Anyone on a forum can be an “expert” – your local shops have the expertise from years of experience working on bikes daily, as well as using many of the components on their own bicycles. If the shops are not around, you can still get the parts online, but who will know how to install those items properly or make them work perfectly? Even if you don’t purchase your items from our store, please consider supporting your local shops whenever you need parts or accessories. Thanks!



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